Givenchy (also pronounced as gee-von-shee) is a famous line of perfumes, cosmetics, accessories, and clothing. The mother, Givenchy store, was launched in 1952, by the proprietor Hubert de Givenchy. Who managed it till 1995. To track back the origin of this successful venture, let’s check back a few years. Givenchy was born in France in the year 1997. Having shown interest in fashion at the age of 10, he went to the World’s Fair in Paris. He left the Pavilion of Elegance, amused by the magnificence of the models and gowns of the famous Fashion Houses, and this cemented his desire to be a fashion designer. Furthermore, the preparation he got from training under Robert Piquet and Lucien Lelong who was an expert in fashion designs more so added his knowledge. in 1947, Elsa Schiaparelli named him as the manager of her boutiques at Vendôme, this secured his entrance into the world of fashion.
Combining all that experience and exposure, he came up with Givenchy.

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